ISLAMABAD (APP) - Business community here on Thursday urged the government to give top priority to promoting private sector, which will help in creating jobs, expanding economy, alleviating poverty and generating more tax revenue. President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) Zahid Maqbool while addressing a seminar said that private sector is contributing more than 84 percent to countrys GDP. The seminar Contribution of Private Sector in Economic Growth of Pakistan was organized by Mahbbub-ul-Haq Executive Development Centre, Islamabad. He said private sector has made great contribution to the growth of Pakistan 's economy adding that private sector which brought revolutionary changes in sectors like telecommunication, banking & financial services, textile, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, mining and quarrying, construction, transport and communication and wholesale and retail trade. But the sector is currently facing many challenges including energy crisis, high interest rate and power tariffs, frequent load shedding, law & order situation and poor physical infrastructure etc. which are holding it back from growing up to full potential. He said more than 55 percent of our population is comprised of youth and only hassle-free growth of private sector can absorb this huge critical mass by providing them jobs and creating opportunities of entrepreneurship for them. Therefore, he urged the government to set its policies right and focus on stimulating the growth of private sector to reap tremendous economic benefits.