LAHORE Chairman Pakistan Tehrike Insaf, Imran Khan has criticised the PML-N for not expelling the bogus degree holders in the party rather asking them for tendering the resignation. Addressing an election meeting of PTI candidate Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar in PP-160 on Thursday, Imran Khan said PML-N is pursuing double standard to save its government in the Punjab. Pursing self interests, he said, the rulers today have created a situation in the country worse than it was during Musharraf era. In this situation, he said, his party has come to the field with a mission to eliminate the politics of vested interests and expediencies being practiced by the rulers who never feel shy of plundering the public. Khan said his party stands for a change in the system and politics and assures the masses that no good can ever come to them unless the country is free of self seekers in politics. He said the present ruling lot has many faces and they forget every promise made with the people before elections. The PTI Chief said the Sharif brothers talk of bringing the looted money back while they themselves were sending the looted wealth abroad. He demanded that those politicians must be brought to the docks who looted national wealth and siphoned it off abroad. He rejected the budget as giving no relief to the masses but filling the coffers of the rulers. He said on June 24 next the masses by voting the PTI would prove their rejection of both PPP and the PML-N.