On Quaid-e-Azams mausoleum in Karachi, we go to pray and reiterate the promise that we would make our country an abode of peace, prosperity and equality by following his three golden words; Unity, Faith and Discipline. We resolve that we shall work for our country by keeping the self interest aside. My question is have we really worked for the accomplishment these promises that we make each year on every occasion including the August 14? Our Quaid achieved a separate homeland for the Muslims of British India so that they could live peacefully and prosperously without fear of victimization by the Hindus and British. But the dreams of making Pakistan a progressive nation remained unfulfilled because the Quaid died early and the succeeding political leadership did not take much interest in converting his dreams into reality. It is because of the leadership failure that we are still considered a backward nation in the comity of nations. Our country has not been able to achieve the desired level of development although we are also fighting against the odds. Menaces like religious extremism, poverty, ethnicity, illiteracy, corruption, overpopulation, drug trafficking, drug addiction, unemployment, violation of merit, terrorism, suicide bombings, kidnappings for ransom, environmental pollution, sectarianism, feudalism, military coups, foreign dependency, intra feuds, injustice, discrimination, oppression of the mighty and segmentation of society have weakened us from within. This is not the Pakistan Quaid-e- Azam had dreamed of. -ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, June 16.