ISLAMABAD The 'research carried out by London School of Economics (LSE) showing involvement of ISI and Pakistani Government in aiding Taliban is the sole creation of Matt Waldman, which LSE made part of its discussion papers in violation of ethical norms, TheNation finds out. Waldman, an American author and a Jew by faith, through the 'stretch of his imaginations, created a 'masterpiece titled, The Sun in The Sky: The Relationship Between Pakistans ISI and Afghan Insurgents, to malign Pakistan and without verifying the veracity of his claims, LSE declared the paper as part of its research work. One is at loss to understand how a paper that contains declaration of its disassociation with any institution or organisation in the first place can be owned by any educational institutional. The first page of the same paper clearly states, The views expressed in this paper are the authors own and do not represent those of any institution or organisation. The 'creative minds at LSE and Kennedy School of Government viciously overlooked the aforementioned fact in well thought out strategy to undermine Pakistans role in Afghanistan. Matt Waldman is employed by Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. The notorious reputation of Kennedy School of Government as a 'US Government propaganda outlet is well-known in US. The conclusions, which the paper arrives at, exhibit conformity to propaganda and prejudices in utter disregard to objective research. The conclusions say, Nevertheless, Pakistan appears to be playing a double-game of astonishing magnitude. The conflict has led to the deaths of over 1,000 American and 700 other foreign military personnel; thousands of Afghan soldiers, police, officials and civilians; and an unknown number of Afghan, Pakistani and other foreign insurgents. It has already cost America nearly $300 billion, and now costs over $70 billion a year. The paper lacks any mention about the number of casualties suffered by Pakistan Army and public in American war against terrorism that caused irreparable setbacks to Pak economy. Raven Gale in a recent article has aptly pointed out, This 'research paper comes out just when Karzai is finally acting as an Afghan and realising that Pakistan has to be part of the Afghan solution. It is also conveniently timed with Indias discomfiture at the importance being given to Pakistan by the US and the West and when there are rational voices asking the US to give Pakistan the economic and military support to complete its operations in FATA and undertake long-term measures against extremism. The research states and implies that Pakistan is playing a double game. The researcher ignores the basic fact that Pakistan is the strategic centre of gravity in the war against terror in Afghanistan and FATA. The Pakistan military is fighting an insurgency that draws strength from the situation in Afghanistan and it is paying a heavy price -hardly the scenario for double games. He further adds, There are going to be more such 'research papers and 'reports from those who cannot stand to see Pakistan making progress.