LAHORE PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has asked the government to stop making fun of the independence of judiciary and implement its decisions. A minister is punished by the judiciary under the law but the President pardons him, said Nawaz Sharif while alluding to the waiver of sentence granted by the President to the Interior Minister last month after his conviction of three-year term stood revived following dismissal of his appeal against the Accountability Court decisions by the Lahore High Court. The government is making fun of the independence of the judiciary. A minister is punished but the president pardons him while in another matter a minister says 'over my dead body when he (the minister) is required to implement the judicial decisions, said Nawaz Sharif while talking to the media men after condoling with Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal the death of latters mother Thursday. He said Parliament legislates and the judiciary interprets the law, therefore, sovereignty of the Parliament and independence of the judiciary must be respected. According to PML-N chief, the parliamentarians have committed fraud by holding fake degrees and they should be held accountable for this offence. He regretted the fact that the Election Commission also took much time in getting their degree verified from the institutions concerned. The ECP should have scrutinized fake documents of the candidates contesting elections, but a delay was made in this regard by the Commission, he said adding, holding fake degree amounts to a fraud, and cheating on the masses. So the fake degree holders should quit voluntarily. In reply to a query, he admitted that there were some flaws and negligence by the party in candidates selection process. He pledged that his party would not give election tickets to any fake degree holder in future and urged fake degree holders to resign voluntarily in order to save themselves from embarrassment. To a question, he said it was fault of all that the country could not be taken toward a right direction. Generals (dictators) came to power and ruined the institutions while some came to power to plunder the national wealth and others got their own interest served, he lamented. Regarding Pakistans dialogues with India, Nawaz said: We should have good neighbourly ties with India; however, resolution of issues should only be through talks. He said Indian Prime Minister in 1999 had pledged to resolve Kashmir and all outstanding issues through dialogue. He said war can not be won merely by guns, as it needed participation of whole nation. He also expressed grief over the loss of a drives family who committed suicide because of poverty. Four people, including two minor girls and a boy, died when a family of five consumed toxic pills in an attempt to commit suicide on Wednesday in the Shahpur area of Lahore.