ISLAMABAD The remarks of PML-Q Senator, Tariq Azeem on Thursday regarding the shelved project of Kalabagh Dam ignited fray in the Upper House of the Parliament among the members including the treasury members hailing from ANP, JUI-F and PPP and the chair had to adjourned the proceedings for some time. There was complete mayhem in the House at the time when Tariq Azeem has started his speech on the budget debate and called for discussion on feasibility of Kalabagh Dam in consultations with local and international technical experts as well as political parties. As soon as Tariq Azeem uttered these remarks that the construction of Kalabagh Dam was more important than Basha Dam with reference to time required for the completion of a dam and other measures, the treasury bench started bombardments of shouts. Many members of ANP and some other members hailing from JUI-F and PPP stood up and started shouting at Tariq Azeem despite the frequent requests of Chairman Farooq H Naek, asking them to keep the House in order and be silent. Farooq H Naek remarked that this was against the norms of democracy, as freedom of expression was every persons right and they had to listen his viewpoint. The other members of the PML-Q including Chaudhry Shujat Ahmed stood up to show solidarity with Tariq. Javed Shah of PML-Q alleged that the protesting members had made the house hostage. Tariq Azeemen viewed that his argument was for consensus building. I will complete my comment. This is my right, he added. But Zahid Khan, Ilyas Bilour and Haji Adeel of ANP, Dr Khalid Somroo of JUI-F and Dr Khatu Mal Jeewan of PPP turned a deaf ear to the chairs advice. They again started raising slogans 'Kalabagh Dam is rejected, Kalabagh Dam is rejected, therefore, the House was adjourned for 15 minutes. Tariq Azeem resumed his speech when the House again started its proceedings but he abstained himself from discussing the issue and made recommendations for the Finance Bill 2010-11, urging formation of a federal bureau of statistics as an independent and autonomous body. As many as eight legislators took part in the budget debate. Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed spoke when the house initiated its proceedings on Thursday. Hafiz Rashid demand 100 percent increase in FATA budget and its representation in Council of Islamic Ideology (CII). He also demanded removal of interest based system of the country and due share of FATA in NFC. He, on the occasion, said that FATA should be declared as separate province. Haji Adeel Ahmed moved a privilege motion against Akram Sheikh for using the word 'illiterate for Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms and undermining its capability. The chair referred the motion to the Senate Standing Committee on Rules of Privilege and Procedure. Talha Mahmood remarked that the Afghan Trade Policy was affecting the countrys economy badly and demanded of the Government to revisit it. He also focused on the creation of more provinces including Hazara province. Dr Safdar Abbasi termed the difference between income and expenditures of the Government a great dilemma. He viewed that the country had been trapped by the foreign debts. He criticised the Government that it had not provided any solution in the budget to get rid of these loans. Engineer Abdul Rasheed demanded steps to overcome power crisis that had affected the economy of the country. Seemi Siddiqui stressed the need for transparency in the privatisation of public sector enterprises. The house was adjourned till today.