ISLAMABAD Soon after the induction of a man of its own choice as Acting Chairman National Accountability Bureau, the Government has swiftly started implementing its game plan to let all their blue-eyed scot-free facing corruption cases in the NAB courts. The first to have the NABs benevolence is Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik, as the NAB Prosecutor had moved application under NAB Ordinance Section 31-B with Accountability Court Rawalpindi seeking withdrawal of cases against him for want of sufficient proof against him. The sources in the department informed TheNation that on the same pattern NAB officials using their power under Section 31-B of NAB Ordinance would likely withdraw more cases against their favourites revived after the striking down of National Reconciliation Ordinance by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. When contacted, NAB Spokesman, Ghazni Khan said that the application seeking withdrawal of corruption cases against Federal Minister Rehman Malik was approved by the Prosecutor General NAB Irfan Qadir and the reason was insufficient evidence against the accused. To a question, he said that all this was done within the ambit of NAB Ordinance and there was no unlawful action was taken, as the Section 31-B of NAB Ordinance was invoked under which prosecution was empowered to withdraw the case against accused at any stage of trial. He refuted the impression that Acting Chairman NAB Javid Zia Qazi and Prosecutor General Irfan Qadir were the blue-eyed boys of the Government and said that both were having spotless career in their respective fields and have vast experience in handling of irregularities in financial matters. But the sources in Ministry of Law and Justice and Establishment Division informed TheNation that the Acting Chairman NAB was especially brought here like the Prosecutor General Irfan Qadir, another the Governments favourite deputed in the department with a design. The sources further informed that high ups in the PPP Government were planning to get clean chit for all their favourites using the lacunae in the NAB Ordinance, which empowered the prosecution to withdraw the cases against accused at any stage of trial and in this way they would likely to withdraw more cases in coming days against their leaders and favourites in NAB courts across the country. The sources further said that the department would likely be run under the control of Acting Chairman NAB, as the appointment criteria for new chairman was quite tough. It was made mandatory on part of the Government to have consultation with Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly and Supreme Court of Pakistan for appointment of new chairman, which the Government would not in a mood to do. The sources further informed that the Government was in no mood to appoint new chairman NAB and would likely run the affairs of the department through its handpicked people for obvious reasons. These sources further said that in coming days more cases pending in NAB courts across the country would likely be withdrawn invoking Section 31-B of NAB Ordinance or the prosecutors would adopt the go-slow policy to give the advantage to the accused.