ISLAMABAD Rejecting all the apprehensions regarding the safety of the record of Swiss cases, National Accountability Bureau categorically said that all the record was completely safe and secure and there was no threat of its tampering or distortion. Refuting media reports in this connection as baseless, NAB spokesman said that they had repeatedly declared that the record of the Swiss cases obtained by NAB a few months back was properly secured. All possible precautionary measures have been taken for the safety and security of the record and it has been kept at different places under the custody of the trustworthy officers, the spokesman said. Multiple checks and security arrangements have been made and no single individual has the access to it, he added. It was further clarified that no one from the govt including the Federal Law Minister had ever asked about the record. The persons designated by the competent authority as custodians of all the record have always been of high repute and trustworthy, he said. He said although it was not obligatory for NAB to repeatedly clarify the status of the security of the record but owing to malicious reports, the clarification had been issued to remove any confusions.