LAHORE - Speakers demanded the government to begin construction of Kalabagh Dam after getting resolutions approved from all the assemblies of the country in favour of the Dam. The Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab Raja Muhammad Ashfaq Sarwar, former Vice Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council, Engineer Saleem Ullah Khan, Chairman of Water Council Pakistan on Indus Water Treaty, Zahoorul Hussan Dahar, Convener Pakistan Water Movement Saifullah Mansoor and Central Vice President Kissan Board Pakistan Sarfaraz Ahmad Khan were expressing their views at a seminar organised by The Nation Forum on 'Kalabagh Dam and attitude of political parties at Hameed Nizami Hall on Thursday. They unanimous expressed the view that construction of Kalabagh Dam is inevitable in order to overcome the rapidly increasing energy crisis in the country, for economic progress and self-reliance in agriculture sector and further delay in its construction is intolerable. In this regard, Raja Muhammad Ashfaq Sarwar said that delay in construction of Kalabagh Dam, electricity shortfall and shortage of water is conspiracy against country and the conspirators in fact are anti-Pakistan elements. He said that he and former Chairman WAPDA Shamsul Haq worked hard and visited other provinces in order to convince them for the construction of Kalabagh Dam during Nawaz Sharif regime. He said that former dictator initially claimed to construct Dam but later he followed the instructions of ant-Pakistan elements instead of constructing the Dam. He said governments established about 63 hydel power projects in 68 years but out put was zero while India had constructed 4,500 dams and even China has constructed dams of 24 thousand megawatts so far. He said that PML-N and its entire leadership is raising voice in favour of Kalabagh Dam. Engineer Saleemullah said that in case Pakistan did not build dams, India would grab Pakistans share of water. He said that feasibility of Kalabagh Dam was on top of list among energy generation projects, which were prepared by the British rulers before creation of the country while a Jew company misguided the rulers in its survey reports. He said that the Dam would return its entire cost within three years as country could save 2.5 billion dollars per annum in case Kalabagh Dam is constructed. He said that it is responsibility of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to convince ANP leadership for the construction of Kalabagh Dam as ANP exploited both leaders on the issue of changing NWFP name. He also stressed atomic war with India in case it did not stop construction of dams on Pakistani Rivers. Sarfaraz Ahmad while expressing his views on the occasion declared the political parties of the country including dictators are responsible for not constructing Kalabagh Dam. He said that if all parties could approve NFC award unanimously then they could approve construction of dam with consensus. He alleged that a political party of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was being bribed by India for opposing the construction of Kalabagh Dam. Convener Pakistan Water Movement Saifullah Mansoor said that former president Ayub Khan constructed Tarbela and Mangla dams but failed to approve Kalabagh Dam due to lack of funds. He said that beside the other rivers of Pakistan, India also had announced construction of biggest dam of the world on the River Indus while Commissioner for Indus Water Treaty Jammat Ali Shah is defending the Indian point of view even on the violation of Indus Water Treaty by India.