Target killings in Karachi has assumed endemic proportions so Dr Farooq Sattar has advised people of Karachi to know your enemies. Who are these? We keep hearing old clichs about Kalashnikov mafias, Bhatta-khors, sectarian elements, etc, etc, from MQM and PPP but nothing concrete has been mentioned as yet. The party of Karachi, MQM, rules both in Karachi and, in coalition with the PPP, in Islamabad. It had been doing so in the eight years of Musharraf too with absolute command over power and arm-twisting machinations in additions. And it has been virtually ruling the roost in Sindh with Mr Zardaris PPP for the last thirty months. Those who rule are directly responsible for every drop of innocent blood shed on streets, be that in target killings or something else. The most startling fact of all about the MQM and PPPs two and a half years is that they have never held an independent inquiry into any of the dozens of bloodbaths that happened between May 2007 to October 2008 (including two on arrivals of the CJP & Benazir). The escalation in 2009-2010 was probably a direct aftermath of that negligence. The new spiel they have now is that its the Taliban from up North and from down South Punjab that are doing it. Thus, we hear Mr Farooq Sattar telling the people of Karachi to know your enemies. That is a typical bit of passing the buck by simply pointing a finger somewhere, causing even more poisoning relations between communities which only means more confrontations. Politics of crocodile tears Why cant the target killings in Karachi be caused by the MQM Taliban, Karachi Taliban or Sindhi Taliban etc is something we cannot speculate about. I wonder why no word is ever uttered by the MQM-PPP ruling coalition about the target killing of settlers, especially Punjabis in Balochistan? The real enemies of all of our communities are those that are in power today. -K. B. LEGHARI, Quetta, June 14.