ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court directed Ministry of Religious Affairs to consider applications of Haj tour operators for Haj quota in accordance with its Haj Policy for the year 2010. Earlier almost 70 Haj tour operators approached the Supreme Court against non-cooperative conduct on part of Ministry of Religious Affairs. A three-member bench headed by CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry and comprising Justice Ghulam Rabbani and Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday was hearing the petition of tour operators who pleaded that Ministry of Religious Affairs was not accepting their applications for Haj quota despite the announcement of new Haj Policy. Azhar Siddiqui, counsel for petitioners, submitted that the Ministry was reluctant to enrol the applications of his clients for quota. He argued that the apex court on July 24, 2008 passed an order to the Ministry for enrolment for quota. The court asked the petitioner to approach the Ministry in this regard, however, it did not accept plea to restrict the Ministry form receiving Rs 20,000 security bonds against each Haji from the tour operators. Joint Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs, Aftabul Islam Raja, appeared before the court and apprised that as per courts verdict, names of some 100 tour operators had already been sent to Saudi Arabia. He assured the court that applicants would be dealt according to the rules and regulations laid down in the new Haj Policy. Ahmed Bilal Sufi, another petitioner, submitted that the Ministry took Rs 20,000 against each Haji as cash guarantee, which was not affordable for the tour operators. He held that the Ministry supposedly collected Rs 1.5 billion from the tour operators, however the total claim was not more than Rs 1.2 million. He further submitted that the Ministry took profit out of such a huge cash guarantee in six months. The court, however, also dismissed the petition on the grounds that cash guarantee was necessary to check the performance of Haj tour operators.