Lets survey Israels possible motivations. A key Israeli motive to attack the humanitarian flotilla was to send a signal to the US about a deal mediated by Brazil and Turkey for a nuclear fuel-swap with Iran. This deal has pre-empted a speculated Israeli military strike on Tehrans nuclear facilities. Israel wants a conflict between Washington and Tehran. That is why the Israeli lobby in Washington is working to sabotage President Barack Obamas half-hearted attempts, if they could be called 'attempts at all, at finding some sort of agreement with Tehran over Irans uranium-enrichment program. Israel wants a weak Turkey that is totally out of the loop with both Middle East and European Union (EU). But Turkey is emerging as a key regional power now due to good, stable relations it has with neighbours on all sides. Turkey is the key for US too as 70% of all supplies for US troops in Iraq go through the Incirlik Base in Turkey. And Turkey has troops fighting the US war in Afghanistan. In Mr Obamas own words, Turkey is the key bridge between the West and the Muslim world. -MUSTAFA AKBARABADI, Jhang, June 17.