Militants staged a massed attack on villages in Bajaur Agency on Thursday, the third such attack in two months, something which should convince the occupying forces, if they need any, that the massing of 300 attackers without the authorities on the Afghan side finding out was not possible. It is unfortunate that this attack took place after an assurance given by Afghan President Hamid Karzai during his recent visit to Pakistan that both sides must prevent intrusions from the other side. Pakistan will be forced to assume that Mr Karzai is too ineffective to be able to keep his word, or else is too deeply involved with the occupying forces to prevent them from carrying through their plans. Pakistan had not yet warded off drone attacks that it has to face this new challenge in the form of attacks from the ground. It is within this context that the blocking of supplies reaching the base from which the drones fly must be taken. It must not be taken as a cooling down of relations, but as an expression of the Pakistani desire that the massacres the drones entail should come to an end. The ascension of Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri to the leadership of Al-Qaeda was not just an inevitability, but also marks a new phase for Al-Qaeda. However, the new phase should not mean an escalation of attacks on Pakistan, as it has so far. The purpose of the attacks is not just to fulfill the purpose of the terrorists, in disarray after the murder of their leader, or to revenge him, but to teach Pakistan a lesson. If Pakistan does not see the writing on the wall, it is because the Pakistani government is too deeply committed to do the US bidding. Otherwise, with relations plummeting as far as they have, and with such wide-ranging clashes of interest, Pakistan has no business remaining an American ally. If the current government does not act on this, it is not postponing this loss of American support, but leaving it to the USA to bring this relationship to an end. This loss of initiative can only be countered by an immediate exit from the US embrace. Pakistan is no small country which can be pushed around, but is an important voice in the region, and must be heard as its future is determined. Such attacks as in Bajaur will not affect national morale, and must not be allowed to continue. If President Karzai wishes to show Pakistan he should be supported by it after the US exit, he should show it by making sure that the border is not violated.