In a country where lawlessness is a norm and where hardly a day goes by without some incident of terrorism taking peoples lives, it is a crying shame that our police has still not been provided with sophisticated equipment that is being used by ISIs telecom cell to locate criminals. It is unfortunate that every time a crime occurs and some high profile individual or some rich man is robbed, the police request the ISI to provide them with details and location of the culprits. The ISI then locates the criminals with pinpoint accuracy and even gives the exact location of the culprits through the Google earth map to the police. The police then easily catches the criminals. But this does not happen when a poor man is robbed and he is told that catching criminals is like finding a needle in a haystack. One wonders why this mobile tracking facility is not being provided to the police. Earlier, the IG Sindh had expressed his regrets and had asked the federal government to issue the equipment to police as quickly as possible. It must also be investigated whether there is a rivalry between police and ISI and a game being played to deliberately deny the police this technology so as to keep the superiority of the ISI intact. If this is the case then there can be nothing unfortunate and shameful. I think that the Interior Minister Rehman Malik must give an explanation to the nation as to why after all these years the police has still not been equipped with mobile tracking device as he cannot escape the blame of deteriorating security situation and rampant incidents of street crime. Indeed this is a serious issue and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani must himself take notice of this lapse on part of the Interior Ministry. Mohsin Ashraf, Lahore, June 17.