RAHIM YAR KAHN - In private institutions, employees are taking Rs 3,000-5,000 per month salary against 10-12 working hours. Private institutions flouted the orders of Punjab government. It is learnt that if employees demand the increase in salary according to the provincial government, they faced sacking threats. Employees of private organisations are working on low pays due to heavy inflation and they are blackmailed by the owners of these institutions. In the previous year, Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif announced that minimum salary must be seven thousand rupees per month to a private institution worker and if an institution did not follow the order, the Punjab government will take action against them. As per instructions of chief minister, institutions are not paying proper to these workers. Due to inflation, private employees are living under the poverty. Workers of petrol pumps, CNG stations, oil mills, ginning factories, pharmaceutical distributors, ice factories, shops and many other institutions are doing long hours jobs on lesser salaries while lack of jobs opportunities and household expenses are the major reason behind these jobs. Abid Ali, Riaz Hussain, Wahid Bhutta, Khadam Hussain, Haneef Ahmed and Muhammad Ali said that they were working on different private institutions and at the end of month they received 5 thousands rupees as salary. Due to no check in district, these private workers are facing problems. When contacted, District Labour Officer Zaigham Shah said that they established a complaint cell for addressing such complains but he did not find any complain. He said the Punjab government also issued a new directive for private schools. As per this directive, minimum salary of teacher at private school must be 7 thousands rupees. He said due to summer vocations in private school, this directive is not served. After summer vocations, this directive will be implemented in all private schools of the district, he added.