ARIFWALA - Police claim regarding decline in the crime rate have proved hollow as apparently it seems that criminals have been given a free hand in the city. As per detail, one Zahoor Ahmad, a resident of village 13/KB was going on motorcycle with a money bag on City School Road when two unknown culprits stopped him at gunpoint and snatched money bag in broad daylight. When Zahoor offered them resistance they opened direct fire on him which hit his left thigh. Zahoor was shifted to hospital and was unable to give a statement. The people of the area feel insecure even in the day light. In another incident, the dacoits broke locks of the shops of the main bazaar of the city and looted shops one week ago. Similarly, some armed dacoits snatched a motorcycle on gunpoint. As per detail, Imran Ayoub, a resident of Village 67/EB, was going when four dacoits intercepted him. They snatched his new motorcycle without registration and fled away from the scene. Local police registered a case. The people of the city protested against the rising crime in the area. They said the police failed to control the crime in the area. They demanded the police high ups to take steps and eliminate the criminals. The police have registered cases and started investigation. Meanwhile, The City Police have registered a case against three shopkeepers for selling cell phone sims without registration. As per detail, the police carried out raids at different shops and recovered 70 sims from Imran at Albadar Colony, Javed at Mohalla Shamasabad, and Baber at Mohalla Sharifpura.