LAHORE The Punjab Assembly on Friday remained 'peaceful in comparison to the previous days of the general discussion on provincial fiscal outlay for 2011-12. Hooliganism, sloganeering and political mud-slinging came to a sudden halt at the PA floor and the MPAs tried to focus on the subject though most of them remained as digressive as the rest have been. However, Oppositions Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari and Abdul Qadir Gilani brought to the fore bloopers and pitfalls in the budget and fiscal policies of the Punjab government. Q-League legislator Mohsin Leghari avoided indulging in stereotype blame game unlike his colleagues did in the previous days and focussed on the proposed allocations and possible solutions, especially for the less developed southern Punjab. He said that Yellow Cab, Rozgar and Ashyana Housing schemes would fail to improve the economic conditions of the poor. He said that these projects were not aimed at economic uplift of people and were part of the election campaign of the ruling party. He said that loan of Punjab has surged to Rs 492 billion in the last two years while the budget volume was Rs 650 billion. He said that the loan was 75 per cent of the total outlay which was really alarming. He said that it was a pity that every 20th child having no access to education belonged to the Punjab. He said that the government was also decreasing allocation for Punjab Education Fund which would be a disservice to the education sector. He said that instead of wasting huge amount on Daanish Schools, the government should allocate money for Punjab Education Fund. He said the announcement to shun foreign aid was made to cash in on the popular sentiment. In stark contradiction, he said, the budget document has a long list of foreign funded projects. He criticised the government for relying on the NFC and not doing much to increase its own tax revenues. Son of Prime Minister, Chairman Public Accounts Committee and PPP legislator Abdul Qadir Gilani, on gracing the PA floor after a long time, strongly criticised Yellow Cab, Rozgar, Danish Schools and Ashiyana Housing Scheme, saying the government should rehabilitate flood affectees instead of wasting money on flop projects. He urged the government to increase development budget of southern Punjab from Rs 70 billion to Rs 100 billion to remove sense of deprivation among people from less developed areas. He said that development of southern Punjab would ensure progress of the entire country. He said that people from 17 districts of southern Punjab were demanding independence from Takht-e-Lahore due to neglect and indifference of the rulers. He said that instead of wasting money on Danish Schools, government should spend it for improving conditions of existing educational institutions. Referring to the prevailing energy crisis, he said the 1990 PML-N government gave gift of load shedding to the country by discontinuing the power projects introduced by Benazir Bhutto regime. He claimed that his party was trying its best to promote policy of reconciliation but accused the provincial government of sabotaging those efforts. He cited the difficult phase through which the country was passing and demanded that such hard times needed extraordinary reconciliation to pull the country out of danger together by the both sides of political divide. PPP legislator Ehsan-ul-Haq Nolatia said the budget document did not reflect the governments approach and contribution since it was prepared by few bureaucrats to balance the figures. He demanded that budget should be prepared by experts and the standing committees of the House, besides shadow committees should be prepared comprising three members from every party to monitor the implementation. He criticised the government for levying the indirect taxes that increased miseries of the poor masses instead of taxing the rich through direct taxation. Treasury MPA Ijaz Ahmad Achlana said that those talking about deprivations of southern Punjab have no knowledge about circumstances and real issues. He said that Kalabagh Dam and Greater Thal Canal should be constructed before making a separate province. Mumtaz Ahmad Jajja said that the provincial government has given a best budget in the prevailing circumstances. Mian Mohammad Rafiq and Sarfraz Afzal also participated in the debate. On completion of agenda, the session was adjourned till 3:00 pm on Monday.