ISLAMABAD Pakistan has lodged a protest with the US and Afghanistan over border incursions by Nato aircraft and Afghan militants. According to Foreign Office, a Nato/Isaf aircraft attacked Ziarat post of Pakistan military in South Mohmand, 2.5 kilometres from Pak-Afghan border. It said a joint inquiry of this incident has also been requested while the matter has been taken up with the US/Nato/Isaf on both military and diplomatic tracks. Meanwhile, Pakistan Friday lodged a protest with Afghanistan on the incident in which militants from Afghanistan attacked Pakistani villages in Bajaur on June 16. The Afghanistan Charge d Affaires, Mr Majnoon Gulab was summoned to the Foreign Office on Friday and a strong demarche was made with him, foreign ministry spokeswoman Tehmina Janjua said in a statement. The Afghan diplomat was told that terrorists crossed the border with Afghanistan and attacked three Pakistani villages in Bajaur. She said the diplomat was told of the serious concern of the government of Pakistan. The government of Afghanistan was asked to prevent such cross-border incidents from occurring in the future. The incident took place at 0420 hours on June 16 during which 100-150 terrorists crossed the border with Afghanistan and attacked three Pakistani villages in the Bajaur sector. The cross-border incursion resulted in the Shahadat of 5 civilians (including 3 men and 2 women) and one Frontier Scout while 3 women were injured. Agencies add: Afghan officials had denied that any cross-border attack took place and accused Pakistani troops of killing six people in a rocket strike on Wednesday. It was the third attack reportedly carried out by hundreds of fighters in northwest Pakistan this month. The border is porous and ties between Afghans and Pakistanis are strained over militants in both countries. Eight civilians were reported wounded after Pakistani officials said the militants targeted a village in Bajaur, where troops have carried out a series of offensives against Taliban and other insurgents since August 2008. Local government official Fazle Akbar put the number of attackers at 250 to 300. Pakistani security forces on Friday killed 11 militants during clashes in the Sarakai and Mukha areas northwest of Khar, the main town of Bajaur. Pakistan has repeatedly claimed to have eliminated the militant threat in Bajaur, one of seven districts in the countrys semi-autonomous tribal belt that the United States sees as the global headquarters of al-Qaeda. Earlier this month, Pakistan conveyed strong concern to the Afghan ambassador to Islamabad, calling for stern action by Afghan and US-led NATO troops to crack down on militants in eastern Afghanistan. As for the Friday attack by Nato aircraft on Pakistani military post in the northwest near the Afghan border, it came as relations between the United States and its South Asian ally hit a new low after the killing of Osama bin Laden by US SEALS in a secret mission in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad on May 2. The Foreign Ministry said NATO aircraft intruded around 2.5 km inside Pakistani territory and attacked the military post. Local officials in Mohmand said the attack occurred early on Friday and that a few bombs were dropped but no casualties were reported. Pakistan is crucial for the United States in its efforts to stabilise war-ravaged Afghanistan but relations have been seriously damaged since the killing of al-Qaeda leader. The United States kept Islamabad in the dark about the May 2 raid that killed the long elusive al-Qaeda chief until after it was over, humiliating the Pakistani armed forces. US forces have also stepped up attacks on militant targets by remotely-piloted drone aircraft in Pakistans tribal belt on the Afghan border in recent weeks. Around 66 militants have been killed in such attacks this month. Pakistans army in return had drastically cut down the number of US troops allowed in the country and set clear limits on intelligence sharing with the United States.