A girl with cerebral palsy who is almost completely paralysed and who never had a days schooling in her life is set to have her first novel published. Wang Qianjin, 18, of Zhenjiang, in eastern Chinas Jiangsu Province, can only write by touching a computer keyboard with her lips. But she has built up an online following for her fiction and has now been offered a contract to have her first novel published. Qianjin can only communicate by computer but taught herself Chinese and can also understand Japanese and Korean. She said: I watched a lot of TV dramas, which all have captions. I learnt the pronunciation along with the structure of the characters. I can remember anything after seeing it once.She writes under the online pseudonym The Exiled Fairy and her latest work is a 200,000 character love story, depicting the story of a girl from a rich family who falls in love with a gangster. ON