ISLAMABAD - Once again legendary performer and multi-media star Shakeel will prove his acting skills in a monologue play at PNCA stage. Shakeel has performed in a theatrical play, Aus Gali Na Javeen (AGNJ), written and directed by Sarmad Sohbai. The play, which has previously been performed at a university in Wales under the title of Dont Go Down That Street, is a one-man show. Shakeel performs the role of an old mad man who has lost everything, even his memory, and lives in isolation. The old man entertains himself by conversing with birds as if they are human beings. This play is basically based on the mad mans conversation with those birds. According to Hassan Abbas Raza, Director of Performing Arts at PNCA, PNCA, under CE/DG Tauqeer Nasir, has started a trend of celebrating the talent of living legendary performers of Pakistan. AGNJ is a link in that chain, which commends actor Shakeel. To date, PNCA has paid similar tributes to performers such as, Iftikhar Qaiser from KPK, Mohammad Qawi, and Ali Ejaz from Punjab. A tribute to Aftab Khokar from Balochistan is scheduled next at the PNCA. AGNJ is meant to put on display various aspects of acting personality of Shakeel. It celebrates outstanding and progressive career of Shakeel, who hails from Karachi.