ISLAMABAD - A squash player - Sadia Gul - from a remote area of Bannu proves by her capabilities that Pakistan has been bestowed upon with talent. Sadia Gul lives in Peshawar with her family. Her father Sher Khitab is a government servant. Finding his daughter's passion about squash, he decided to help her fulfil her dream to become a champion and bring back the old days when Pakistan was known for producing champions in this particular sport. In an exclusive interview with TheNation on Friday, Sadia, who is in Islamabad in a camp set up for Asian Junior Individual Squash Championship scheduled to be held in Jordan on June 21-25, said "I get depressed when I hear of others wining the British Open or World Open Squash titles. I always pray may someone from us one day bring these trophies to Pakistan. Seeing that after many years no was able to repeat the feat, so I decided to play squash. I will do what a man can't do for the country. I started playing squash in 2008 under the coaching of Shaukat Khan, who is the brother of squash great Amjed Khan." Sadia will leave for Jordan on Sunday. She said no one from her family, especially in girls, have ever played or witnessed squash or any other sports before. "My father has always supported me despite our traditions." Sadia participated in the first NWFP Women Squash Championship and become the champion of that particular event. In August 2009, she participated in first National Games in Lahore and become the National Under-15 champion. Soon after that event she went to Karachi to take part in the Third DG Rangers Squash championship, she also won that championship. Sadia also holds the record of winning six consecutive Under-15 championships, after winning all the major titles as Under-15 player, Sadia then moved in to Under-19 category, where she take part in the first WISPA Senior Squash championship, their she lost in the semifinals stage. She said "whenever I went into the squash court I wanted to be a champion. It is my dream and ambition to become a world champion by 2013." Looking her talent and glittering record which speaks itself, one thing is sure that the day is not far when Pakistan will once again get a squash champion in form of Saida. Sher Khitab has thanked Pakistan Squash Federation, her coaches and Arif Mehmood, who discover her in Bannu and supported her throughout. It is the moral and national duty of PSF to help Sadia in best possible way and invest on her as in return Pakistan will get a world squash champion. Talent like her needed to be polished and she must be send abroad for proper training and exposure, as international events and coaching in abroad will further enhance her abilities. Sadia was named as best player of the 2010 by Pakistan Sports Writers Association in recognition of her services.