NOORPUR THAL - The annual EST teachers training workshop concluded with the hope that its participants would implement these methods during teaching to achieve their professional challenges and to create better links with students. This training workshop was held in Govt High School for Boys. The Professional Competency Enhancement Programme for Teachers was conducted to benefit the EST teachers in enhancing their teaching methodologies with research-oriented techniques by using modern methodologies and media to strengthen communication and evaluation skills for students assessments. On the occasion, Imran Abbas (teachers trainer) said teachers have pivotal role to perceive changes through their expertise in teaching with their experiences to impart their knowledge to the students so that they may absorb the knowledge towards the right direction of their professional career. Headmaster Malik Munir Hussain Kallu, educationists Malik Qadir Hussain Baga and Haji Atar Hussain Baig also addressed the ceremony.