KHAR (INP) - Two people including a child were killed and two others injured in different areas of Bajaur Agency on Friday where situation was still tense after attack by miscreants from Afghan side of the border. Additional security measures have been taken and security forces as well as volunteers of the local peace committee have been deployed to deal with the aggression from across the border. Sources said that search operation in tehsil Mohmond at Pak-Afghan bordered area of Bajaur Agency continued on Friday. Earlier, the area had come under attack when more than 300 miscreants from Kunar province of Afghanistan attacked the border areas of the agency with rockets, mortar shells and machine guns killing five people and kidnapping more than 20 others. Additional security personnel, assisted by peace committee volunteers, had been deployed at checkposts at the entrances of the agency where all persons and vehicles were being searched thoroughly. The tribesmen and political leadership have expressed grave concern over the aggression from across the border after which security in the area was tightened further to keep a check on attacks by Afghan militants. Tribal elders of Bajaur Agency, inflamed over Afghan militants attacks, have demanded of the authorities to flush out Afghan refugees from the area. Mohmand Tribe has announced to retaliate and attack the hideouts of militants located in Afghanistan if they again carried out aggression in Pakistans territory.