ISLAMABAD - The state of affairs in Pakistan sports is going from bad to worse with each passing day, as the Director General Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) is presently busy rewarding his blue-eyed persons and nobody bothers to look into irregularities. Despite lack of proper educational qualification (his present degree is questionable), PSB DG Amir Hamza Gilani was promoted to grade 20 superseding his seniors who had been waiting for long to get their due promotion. First of all, according to rules, Gilani, keeping in view his qualification, was not eligible for promotion for the present post. The most important things to mention here are the DG is found violating the rules not only for his favourite ones but also is involved in millions of rupees embezzlement. Gilani has hired his own house, while his family lives in Lahore, to get almost Rs 5 million in rent from the government exchequer. The most important thing is that he has on his disposal a three-bed luxurious apartment in Allama Iqbal Hostel that is fully furnished and Rs 4 to 5 million are spent on its renovation. He is paying only Rs 1,500 rent per month for this apartment, which normally will defiantly be rented out for at least Rs 70,000 per month. The DG has claimed medical bills for his wife's laser surgery, which is not allowed to any government official. Being influential, he got the bills cleared. On the other side, despite lapse of over a month time, neither a single room was vacated from the illegal occupants of PSB apartments nor any action was taken on illegal appointments in the women hostel case too. How can a sports body be run with huge irregularities like this? It seems no one bothers to take action against Amir Hamza Gilani. Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry must take suo moto notice of the massive corruption and attitude of the DG PSB. One of the PSB Acting Deputy Director Generals - Ch Salamat Ali - was found guilty of misusing powers after thorough investigation by a four-member committee of National Assembly members headed by Dr Lal Chand and comprising Parliamentary Secretary of Sports, MNA Gul Muhammad Jakhrani, MNA Rai Mujtaba Kharal and MNA Dr Talat Mahesar whic was set up on the directions of Federal Minister for Sports Engr Shaukat Ullah. It found him guilty and in its report and he was made OSD. But he continues to come to office, using all its facilities which not only causing a huge loss to the national exchequer but is also the violation of rules. It is worth mentioning that Col Salaudin and Brigadier Saulat Abbas, former DGs PSB, have mentioned in their report in Ch Salamat's ACR that this person should never be given administrative charge in rest of his carrier, as he is incapable and biased, but current DG ignoring the recommendation has given such a high profile post to Ch Salamat Ali. Another worst example of DG's mismanagement and continued process of closing eyes on his blue-eyed persons is Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, Director General (Tech & Trg) in PSB, who after a lapse of over 40 days has yet to get a proper office and his role is yet to be defined. He holds MSc. (Physical Education) and PhD degrees. Dr Waheed Mughal, PHD in Physical Education is serving as senior instructor in Grade-19 in PSB. He has almost completed his tenure and set to retire in six months instead of giving much awaited promotion to this deserving and highly qualified person Gilani was given out of the turn promotion. Similarly Fazal Subhani, who is working as Deputy Director General (Finance) in PSB, he holds B Com (Hons) and MBA degrees. Dr Waqar Ahmed, Deputy Director General (Rehabilitation & Treatment) holds a Master degree in Sports Medicines from USA. All these gentlemen are highly qualified but are kept in the cold just because they have not the recourses, which were required for promotion other than qualification and merit. All these facts speaks themselves when a highest level sports governing body is being run in this fashion then God knows how will the standard of the sports will improve in the country, an exemplary punishment is sought in this case as no one dares to repeat this act again, but the million dollar question which comes to everyone's mind who will ring the cat.