LAHORE Unqualified teachers were being made examiners and supervisors in the examinations of PhD and higher degrees in King Edward Medical University (KEMU), sources in the university said here on Friday. They said that examiners of the first female student who did her MD (Doctor of Medicines) from the KEMU were DMRD (Diploma in Radiological Medicines and Diagnosis) holder, a lesser degree than that of MD. When this scribe contacted first KEMUs qualified Dr Afshan Qureshi and asked that her examiners were diploma holder and less qualified than her, she replied, I had not appointed my examiners rather they were appointed by the KEMU with the approval of Board of Studies and Higher Education Commission. She further said that one can ask the same question from the university management. It is worth mentioning here that examiners of Dr Afshan were Dr Khawaja Khursheed who is DMRD, a junior diploma holder, and Dr Nasir Zaidi who is also a student of MD. Sources disclosed that Dr Nasir Zaidi had got admission in MD in Punjab University during the year 1990 but could not complete the same yet. A senior professor of radiology said seeking anonymity that there was a time when as per rules of PMDC no diploma holder could be inducted in teaching cadre. But a former dictator and president Ziaul Haq modified the rules allowing diploma holders to be inducted in the teaching cadre reason behind the modification was to oblige one Dr Javed Siddique. Dr Javed was attached with Zai-ul-Haq. Sources disclosed that university has enrolled about 12 candidates for MD degree but about four have left and eight were doing their MD under the supervision of diploma holders. A doctor said that it was mockery of examinations rules by appointing doctors with lesser degree to supervise or give examination of higher degrees.