UNITED NATIONS - Security Council announced that it is recommending to General Assembly that Ban Ki-moon, who portrays himself as a 'bridge builder in this strife-torn world, be appointed for a second consecutive term as secretary-general of United Nations. In a closed-door meeting Friday at UN Headquarters in New York, the councils 15 members adopted by acclamation a resolution on extending Bans time in office. The council recommended that Ban serve a second term starting on January 1, 2012 and ending on December 31, 2016, Ambassador Nelson Messone of Gabon, which holds the councils rotating presidency this month, told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York. Under Article 97 of the UN Charter, the Security Council makes a recommendation and then the General Assembly makes a decision on the appointment. The consistent practice is that the council recommends one candidate. Earlier this month Ban, who has been in office since January 2007 and is the eighth UN secretary-general, said he would be deeply honoured to serve a second term. The vote by acclamation came Friday after a one-day delay due to what UN diplomats described as procedural and technical hold ups from some countries. Although it was widely known that Ban would seek a second term, he didnt officially announce his wish to stay on until last week. Tygve Lie, United Nations first secretary-general, described his post to successor, Dag Hammarskjold, in the year 1953 as The most impossible job on earth. Time has not made the job any easier. The framers of the UN Charter gave the secretary-general two distinct functions: He or she is the chief administrative officer of the Organisation and also an independent official whom the General Assembly and the Security Council can entrust with certain unspecified (but implicitly political) task. Ban Ki-moon, a South Korean, has been so low key in his approach and so inarticulate that despite over four years as worlds top diplomat, he doesnt have much name recognition among people around the world. In a conflict-ridden world and escalating polarisation, Ban hasnt had any spectacular successes over the past four years. But he did speak out, although selectively, in the past couple of months against some Middle East regimes and in support of protesters across the Middle East seeking democracy and human rights.