MULTAN Jamat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch said on Friday that the bond of trust between army and masses is fast decaying and the only way to protect this relation is to change all internal and foreign policies. Talking to the journalists after condoling the demise of Qari Muhammad Mian, Mr Baloch said that American intervention in Pakistan was increasing with every passing day. He said that the recent Corps Commander conference expressed serious concerns on increasing gulf between army and public. He said that the enemy wanted to alienate the army but loyal Pakistanis would foil this bid. He said that the masses imposed cut on their expenditures to fulfill the requirements of army. Now it is armys turn to come up to the expectations of masses and protect geographical and ideological boundaries of the country besides safeguarding nuclear arsenal, he added. He said that it was need of the hour that the nation stood by army. He said that JI wanted armys trust to stay among masses but it was impossible until drone attacks and NATO supply were stopped. He suggested to the government to talk to all annoyed factions with a view to restore peace in the country. He said that entire nation was highly worried on prevailing situation and only honest leadership could steer the country out of this crisis. He said that ineligible leadership put the country on path of destruction while opportunists benefited from this opportunity and made heavy fortunes at the cost of poor masses. He declared that the JI would no more boycott the elections and compete with full preparation. He said that the lovers of Islam and Pakistan were highly worried about the future of Pakistan and a wave of change was in the offing. He said that there was a massive change in entire Muslim world as the Muslims wanted to get rid of dictators and monarchs. Referring to Pakistan, he said that the Pakistanis wanted to bring changes in the past but the opportunists committed ambush on the movement and hijacked it. He lashed out at the civil and military establishment, saying both of them played with the emotions of masses. He said that the people tried as many options as possible and brought them to the power but none of them turned out to be loyal with Pakistan and masses. All of them were corrupt and ineligible. They lacked capable teams, he added. He said that the JI was the most organized party of Pakistan with highly literate and capable members. He claimed that the JI possessed both capable leadership and policies to steer the country out of crisis. To a query, he said that the budget was formed on advice of IMF and World Bank. How could a budget offer relief to Pakistanis that is made on instructions of IMF, he posed a question. He said that Almighty Allah has bestowed Pakistan with rich natural resources but corrupt mafia does not let this country take off. He said that corrupt mafia usurped every thing including plots, bank loans and national exchequer while on the other hand rulers looked determined to protect this gang. He lamented that the rulers looked defiant of court verdicts as a result of which the dream of rule of law in Pakistan blurred.