With the start of my summer holydays, I started thinking about volunteering my services for some renowned organization. Surprisingly, I was lucky enough to get a call from Shaukat Khanam Hospital and the idea rejoiced me. There were a total 10-12 boys and girls in our group and the task assigned was to entertain the children by using different electronic gadgets like play station and many more. The first day was a bit boring as we were not really familiar with our duties. But soon the official concerned guided us throughout the course which made everything easy and consequently we were able to dispense our duties with joy. There were a total of three places where our duties were assigned. First was the gift shop or play room. The second assignment was at chemo and our last job was to look after a patient. As days passed, children used to come and play with us which increased our joy. We were literally enjoying becoming a part of this small family. The hospital itself is fully equipped with every single necessity. It is centrally air conditioned. To be honest, when I first entered the hospital I felt as if I was in a hospital of some European country. The best part was that the staff and patients were so friendly that we felt a strong bond with them. In particular, I got attached with an adorable 7 years Asia and a 10-12 years Anas who made me their fan through their endearing manners. It was satisfying to know that every patient was given equal attention regardless of their social status. Imran Khan really did a fabulous job because of which people from all walks of life are getting quality and researched based treatment free of cost. I pray that this hospital should continue to flourish. Let us join hands with this hospital in its noble struggle to serve the poor patients. It is a ray of hope for cancer patients. Well done Imran Khan. ALI JAAN, Lahore, June 17.