LAHORE - The electricity consumers are facing worst loadshedding with 5,000 mw shortfall in the national grid, however, some areas of northern Punjab received relief on Friday not at the power supply side but due to the change in weather. The rest of the areas of the country are still under sizzling heat with severe electricity shortfall. According to the sources, the people of interior Sindh, southern Punjab are facing eight to 10 hours loadshedding, while, in Khyber PK and Balochistan, the loadshedding crosses 16-hours a day. The LESCO is conducting 12 to 14 hours unscheduled loadshedding in its limits, thanks to the faulty transmission lines and discrimination in power supply for elite and poor areas. The sources said the various power plants stopped supply of electricity due to non-payment of dues from PEPCO while some are 'at rest due to non-supply of furnace oil and gas. The power plants which dropped the generation included two RPPs, Hubco and Kot Addu, while the others are Faisalabad, Roushe, Reshma, Shahadra, Orient, Lal Pir, Japan and Sepco Pakistan power plants. Due to the drop in generation, the sources added, the additional shortfall of about 1800mw hit the energy basket. The power experts are talking about more electricity crises in coming days, However, the newly appointed PEPCO General Manager Ijaz Qureshi while talking to The Nation said the situation would come under control soon. The power plants of Chashma and Narowal would add to their generation of about 500mw soon. However, he avoided to give exact date that when the two plants will start generation. PEPCO spokesman said that the generation of electricity aggregated to only 13,240 megawatt, while the demand peaks at 18,065 megawatt. Giving break up of electricity generation, he said currently the hydel power production stood at 5,030 megawatt and Thermal at 1,813 megawatt, while 6,297 megawatt of electricity being received from the IPPs.