SWAT - Some 11 young juveniles involved in militant activities were released after completion of their reformatory courses at the Pakistan Army-run centre ‘Sabawoon, which was established for rehabilitation of former militants.
Sabawoon is the first unique facility configured for rehabilitation of juvenile former militants aging between 12 to 17 years. The centre was established in line with the vision of Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani in September 2009 with initial intake of 22 juveniles.  During the operation Rah-e-Rast, many juveniles were apprehended or they had surrendered. The strength of the said juveniles had been 177, out of which 154 were released so far.
There were a lot of facilities for juveniles in the centre, which were provided by the Pakistan Army with collaboration of Hum Pakistani Foundation, a Lahore-based NGO.  The basic needs of life were provided to juveniles, who got fully nourished in a healthy environment. The Pakistan Army and the Sabawoon School staffers worked hard to teach juveniles how to become a well mannered and a true patriotic citizen.
On Monday, the last ceremony of this institution was held at Malakand, wherein some 11 juveniles, who completed their 18-month course, were released and handed over to their parents in a formal ceremony.
The ceremony was attended by Vice Chancellor Malakand University Dr Johar Ali, Col Masoom, Spokesperson for the Pakistan Army Malakand Division and many other army officials with elders of the area were also present on the occasion.
Johar ali said, “today I feel extremely obliged to come here to Sabawoon where the juveniles were being fostered by a quality education system and they were changed into a better citizen.”  He congratulated the staff of the school and hoped the juveniles would play a healthy and vital role in the society where they would be examined as a role model for the coming generations.