Disability is a part of life and every government works towards involving and integrating these handicapped people into the mainstream society, but in Pakistan they are treated like untouchables as well as a burden. It is lamentable that the past successive federal governments nor the provincial governments, or any private sector has shown any care or clemency to provide these disabled citizens any environment where they could development their gifts and become participating members of the socioeconomic development of the country. Keeping this dismal scenario in view, the President in his address to the joint session of Parliament last week, called upon the newly elected PML-N government to strive to bring the disabled people into the mainstream as the self-reliant citizens of the State. I would like to request the President of Pakistan, who is also the chancellor of various varsities in the Federal Capital, unfortunately, many of these universities have never implemented the disabled people quota in letter and in spirit, so those may be directed to provide employment to them for their economic empowerment. Besides this, the Prime Minister may also direct the federal government ministries and organizations to take immediate and comprehensive steps to ensure that reservation for this category is effectively implemented in letter and in spirit across the country. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, June 13.