Karachi- Instead of curtailing the non-development expenditures of the CM house and ministers’ spending, the PPP government has raised the funding of ministers/advisors in the annual budget for next fiscal year 2013-14.

According to the budget documents, a sum of Rs310.644 million has been allocated for Chief Minister’s Secretariat/House expenditure in the budget of next year FY2013-14.

The CM house already crossed the budgetary expenditures as a total of Rs306.016 million were allocated for the CM House/Secretariat in current FY2012-13 which increased to Rs360.862 million.

The government has allocated Rs106.649 million for the expenditure of Chief Pilot Officer of the CM and governor for next fiscal year, as expenditure on this account accumulated to Rs142.172 million in revised estimates against budgetary allocation of Rs105.190 million in current fiscal year.

Similarly, Sindh government has allocated a sum of Rs42.340 million for Chief Minister’s Helicopter Flight for next fiscal year as expenditures on this account were raised to Rs45.749 million in revised budget against the budgetary allocation of Rs43.285 million in current fiscal year.

After the 18th amendment, the number of provincial ministers were restrained to 25 in the Sindh cabinet but PPP government has raised the expenditures of ministers and advisors to CM in the annual budget for next fiscal.

A sum of Rs386.206 million has been allocated for the expenditures of the ministers of Sindh Cabinet for next fiscal year. The allocation on this account was Rs373.886 million but expenditures in the revised budget decreased to Rs373.770 million because current year was election year, so caretaker government didn’t spent much money, besides election commission had also barred the provincial government from spending.

However, the Sindh government has allocated Rs35 million (Rs5 million and Rs30 million separately) as unforeseen expenditures of the ministers for next fiscal year as no detail has been given in the budget documents.

The government has earmarked Rs459.343 million as expenditures of Sindh Assembly for next fiscal year. Against Rs417.864 million of budgetary allocations in outgoing year, the Sindh Assembly spent Rs491.864 million against budgetary allocations in current year.

A sum of Rs30.066 million has been allocated for the governor’s expenditures for next fiscal against of Rs41.776 million in outgoing year. A sum of Rs16.431 million has been allocated for expenditure of State conveyance and motors of Sindh governor, which is higher against Rs14.707 million of outgoing year.

Rupees 114.253 million has been allocated for expenditure of military secretary of governor for next fiscal against Rs81.608 million of outgoing year. The Secretariat Staff of governor’s charged expenditure is Rs112.779 million for next fiscal year against Rs86.588 million of outgoing year.