The first budget of the new government was presented in the National Assembly by the Finance Minister and the masses were informed that there will be an increase in 85 items of daily use, including electricity, sugar, edible oil, cement, soft drinks, books, note books, pens, and sewing machines. All these items are used by the poor section of the society. People in general do not have interest in the detail of the budget they are only interested in what relief they get in the budget. Unfortunately, the families of school going children of the poor will face hardship, because the prices of books, note books and pens will increase and on the other hand laptops computers will be distributed to students in a country where millions of children, who should have been enrolled in primary classes, are unable to attend school because of poverty and neglect. Cosmetic measures taken by this government will only compound the miseries of the poor of this country. This budget does not bode well for the new government that had assured the public that they would resolve all issues in as short a period as three months.CAPT. (R) WASIF SYED, Islamabad, June 13.