ISLAMABAD : Federal Minister for Industries and Production Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi said the govt was considering changing the chief executive of Steel Mills. While talking to the media, he said that the government was planning to take action against the culprits, adding that inquiries would be started against the corrupt officials. He further said that negligence would also not be tolerated and the govt will take action against the negligent elements in the govt depts and will hold inquiries against them.
While answering to a question that who was responsible behind the destruction of government departments, he said that non-professional officials appointed in several departments are the major reason behind ruining the national institutions. He said that the present government will take steps to rectify the spoiled system.
About the future policy regarding Pakistan Steel Mills, he said that the government is considering running Steel Mills on public-private partnership. He said that the PSM would be reinstated in its previous condition and privatisation might be an option as well. He also claimed that the government was taking concrete steps to make the services of Utility Stores better to facilitate the masses.
He told the media men outside the parliament house that the government might form a committee to appoint the heads of national institutions. “If other countries could run their institutions without any loss rather they were going in profit so there was no reason that it could not happen in Pakistan”, he said.