Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said circular debt of 503 billion rupees would be paid off by the end of next month to reduce loadshedding, state owned media reported on Tuesday.
In an interview with state media‚ he said outstanding payment of private power companies would be paid by the end of this month.
He said the government will never bring mini budget. He said 45 percent cut from Prime Minister House expenses and 30 percent cut in all other ministries is mandatory.
To a question‚ Ishaq Dar said 0.5 million new tax payers would be brought into tax net this year.
He said the government has increased the amount of income support programme from forty to seventy five billion rupees. Fifty percent quota from this programme would be given to women.
He said Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will announce many packages to give relief to the people in his first speech to the nation soon.