ISLAMABAD - Lamenting the prevalent sordid state of affairs, Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan of Supreme Court has said justice is essential to bring balance and eliminate evils from the society.
He expressed these views in the inaugural ceremony of a one-week training course on 'Gender Sensitisation with special focus on Family Laws and Environment Law with special reference to Jurisdiction and Powers of Green Courts etc' for senior civil judges/civil judges/ judges of the family courts from all over Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit/Baltistan here at Federal Judicial Academy on Monday.
He said: "One has deep regrets over what is happening around us and, if we all learn to give due attention to everything around us, be it the mankind, animals, trees and other creations and creatures of Allah, then, it will not only bring harmony and balance, equilibrium and beauty but it will also strengthen our society."
The judge quoted a few verses from the Holy Quran, a few Hadiths of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) and also a few inspiring events and anecdotes from the rich Islamic history to illuminate and sensitise the young judicial officers regarding their pivotal position and crucial role in the society.
Enlightening the judicial officers with the interpretation of one verse from the glorious, he said, "When the parents become old and because of their age lose their balance then the children are under an obligation to look after them." He said that indeed, justice is balance and it is justice which inspires the balance in the family, in the society and also in the country.
"Although the administration of court justice will be the tip of the iceberg yet if we focus on court justice, we can do a lot for," Justice Ejaz observed.
About the gender sensitisation, he said that if the woman is given her due right, then, there would no problem. She is mother, she is sister, she is wife and she is also a daughter. As a mother, her role has no match. "If the basic unit of human society what we call family, gives her due right, then, I am sure there will be no problems at all." The role of woman must be recognised in every walk of life because it was must for sustained development and progress.
Regarding the role of Green Courts, he opined that their role was indispensable for protection and preservation of environment and also to maintain balance in the environment. The judge also shed light on three Quranic words such as "Adl", " Qist", "Ihsan" and "Zulum" and enriched the knowledge and widened the wisdom of the course participants.