LAHORE - The lawyers observed strike here on Monday against the general insecurity prevailing in the country and the particular incidents of terrorism and target killings at the courts.
On the call of Punjab Bar Council, the lawyers went on strike and they did not appear in the courts for proceeding of their cases. The judges also supported the cause by not sitting in the courtrooms; however, they stayed all the day at their chambers. The litigants suffered too much from the strike as their cases were adjourned. The striking lawyers demanded the government ensure security to the judges, lawyers, judicial staff and the people appearing before the courts.
Condemning the target killings, the lawyers said that such incidents in the court premises had caused serious damage to the sanctity of the courts and if this continued, there would be serious repercussions of it.
About a recent incident, they questioned how a killer entered into the courtroom with a gun in hand and killed two persons and injured many others without any fear and then fled away successfully. Police played its role as silent spectator. The lawyers urged the authorities concerned to take serious action against the responsible.