ISLAMABAD- Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Senator mushahid Hussain Sayed, delivered a fiery speech on the floor of Upper House of Parliament on Monday and termed the budget as anti-masses and suggested the finance minister a six-point proposal to fix it.

“The newly established federal government failed to give a people-friendly budget that reflected the government’s policies of status-quo,” mushahid Hussain said on the floor of Upper Hose. mushahid came up with six proposals for Finance Minister Dar and suggested the government to establish a special fund for victims of drone strikes.

“Money should be allocated in the budget for the drone strikes-affected families and the injured. Also, the government should allocate funds in the budget under a programme to provide life insurance for the journalists working in war zones,” mushahid said.

“The US company NSA’s bid to steal data of millions of Pakistani users is a crime. The Pakistani government must devise a cyber strategy to counter the US cyber aggression against Pakistani people,” mushahid said.

The budget-proposals given by the Finance Minister last week drew a mixed response from the senators on Monday. Senator Usman Saifullah Khan of PPP was under the impression that the incumbent government will have to take critical decisions to steer the country out of crisis situation. He, however, expressed disappointment over the budget, saying it was not pro-masses. “The government could have raised Rs 32 billion by imposing tax of Rs10,000 each to 32000 potential tax evaders identified by the Federal Bureau of Revenue,” said Senator Usman  said.

He criticised the government for increasing general sales tax rather than imposing tax on 32,000 potential tax evaders.

Khwaja Karim of PPP said that the initiatives taken for youth by federal government should be for all provinces and suggested the government to devise a smooth policy in this regard.