Our Staff Reporter

It is high time for the Muslims Ummah in general and Pakistani nation in particular to review the policies and divert energies towards reviving the glory of Islam as it were the Muslims who ruled the world for centuries and set ever-last exemplary system of good governance in shape of a welfare state.
These views were expressed by the speakers during a conference held here titled "The Muslim Ummah - challenges and Prospects in 21st Century".
The conference was arranged by the Youth Leadership and Empowerment Centre of the Civil Servants Academy to give a chance to the students and scholars to express their views in prevailing national and international conditions and find out a way to meet and overcome the challenges faced by the Muslims .
The speakers highlighted the salient features of Islam, the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the early period of Islamic rule and later part of Muslim's rule over the world as well as the Muslims services in Science, literature, knowledge, healthcare, socio-political and economic systems which gave new dimensions in every field and set model roles to follow with personal character and performance.
They remarked that the Muslims possessed sufficient resources to gain self-sufficiency in every field but still they were looking towards West for survival and help so they had to get rid of it and should chalk out a comprehensive strategy to overcome all existing crisis. They stressed that the Muslim should realize that being Muslims , they had to prove that they were one and united for religion and when they succeeded in recognize it, there would be no one to stop their progress and prosperity. They were of the view that Muslims were quite rich in every sector and what they needed was to take control on Science and technology which would lead them to compete in the world.
They pointed out that loyal and sincere rulers and leaders could make this task more easier to bring back the Muslim Ummah at a platform for collective interest to ensure progress in the 21st Century as a leading and reckoned force of the world.
They also condemned the terrorism in the country especially the latest wave of terrorist activities in Quetta and expressed deep grief over the incident. The speakers said that no religion or civilised society allow killing females, kids, patients and attacks on school, colleges, universities and hospitals so the Muslim had to identify who were behind this brutal act as at least no Muslim could do this heinous crime.

Civil Servants Academy Bahawalpur Director Ali Gohar Chohan said that Islam had given the Muslims a complete charter of life and system of government so we could succeed in the world only through following it properly as the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) were the best example to follow.

Senior journalist Majeed A Gill remarked on the occasion that future of the nation would be surely bright as the young generation was quite talented and hopefully they would lead the country and nation in the right direction in the days to come.
Shazia Kanwal, Sadaf Zareen, Nabila Yasmin, Tania Kashif, Tehreem Akram, Aakash Fatima, Prof Aun Muhammad, Humayun Yousaf Farooq and Habibur Rehman were among the speakers on the occasion who threw light on different issues at length which reflected their clear approach towards national progress and unity of Muslim Ummah.