Indian Hindus are as determined as anything in their beliefs not to budge at all. On the other hand our ruling elite are dying for the love of India. How come they forget all that has passed between us; they have occupied Kashmir, how many times have we bowed to them, just to maintain peaceful relations?While they continue to thwart all our friendly overtures, have they made any effort to resolve the issue of Sir-Creek? Have they ever shown the slightest willingness to resolve Siachen conflict? Are they are willing just to admit Kashmir as a disputed area or trying to comply with the Indus Waters Treaty? They have plundered our waters and are we begging for them to play cricket with us? Now we are asking them for electricity. Whether they are willing to abide by Simla Agreement? What is their venomous and barbaric behaviour with our civilian prisoners? They shot down our PAF two strategic surveillance assets in our air space, in one case they also managed to steal the wreckage! They are training, maintaining and sending special terrorists outfits throughout Pakistan! And yet we are bending over backwards to placate them. AFTAB ALAM, Lahore, June 12.