PESHAWAR- ThePakistanTehreek-e-Insaf-led Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has allocated Rs66.608 billion for education sector, which is almost 20 per cent of the total fiscal budget 2013-14 for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Education plays a pivotal role in the progress of nations.Pakistanin general and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular lags behind in the field of education from many countries of the region. The overall literacy rate in Pakistan is 56 per cent (69 per cent male and 44 female) whereas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the literacy rate is 49 per cent (68 per cent male and 33 per cent female), the budged document said.

It said the education sector had become the top priority of the provincial government. “The main focus of new projects is to promote education at the primary level, create a gender balance and fulfill the infrastructural requirements of the existing institutions, including staff, equipment, furniture, teachers training and essential repairs,” it added.  It said the government was committed to provide free and quality education to all up to higher secondary level. Besides, it said the up-gradations of different levels of schools in the development programme, the higher education sector had also planned to establish new degree colleges in the province.

Moreover, it said new blocks and hostels would be constructed and computer equipment would be provided to various colleges for imparting education in information technology and other sciences. “An amount of Rs13,829.686 million is allocated for funding of 97 projects, out of which 61 are ongoing and 36 are new projects, the following targets will be achieved during the year,” it said. The document said to streamline the education sector the incumbent government assigned a huge amount of Rs600 million for the establishment of comprehensive monitory system, whereas Rs20 million were kept to establish the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Commission and Joint Education Advisory Commission in the province. Similarly, it stated in the current fiscal year, the PTI-led coalition government had doubled the budget allocation, Rs360 million for ‘Stori da Pakhtunkhwa’ the previous government initiative for talented students of the province.

Besides, it said to promote girls education and encourage female students aimed to increase girls admission, the provincial government reserved Rs100 million for girls’ students’ monthly scholarship of Rs200, whereas a sum of Rs15 million were kept for giving financial incentives to female administrative officers posted in the far-flung and unattractive district of the province.   

“Continuing the previous programmes for promotion of education , the KPK government earmarked a huge amount of Rs800 million ‘Rokhana Pakhtunkhwa Programme, initiated by the previous nationalist government,” it added.

The documents also stated that a Chief Minister’s Endowment Fund was established with a huge amount of Rs500 million in the current financial year aimed to sponsor higher education of needy students of the province, furthermore the incumbent government earmarked Rs500 million initiating a new programme “Iqra Education Promotion Scheme” in the province. Likewise, the total Budget Estimates of the elementary and secondary education were kept Rs945.297 for current fiscal year against the last year’s Rs681.068 million, in the estimates 2012-2013 for the provincial offices only. The total Budget Estimates for 2013-2014 of the provincial offices comes to Rs881.754 million.

However, it said the total budget estimates for the financial year 2013-2014, both provincial and districts were Rs60,552.937 million for salary and non-salary while Rs26,826 million for government primary schools (male and female), and Rs500.830 million for administration.

Sub Divisional Education Officer (male and female) Rs500.830 million, whereas Rs237.626 million for other purposes like Regional Institutes for Teachers Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The budget document said that for secondary education a sum of Rs2867.485 million were kept for Middle, High/Higher Secondary Schools, and Rs938.091 million for administrative purposes, while Rs112.316 million for colleges/professional colleges and institutes, and Rs3243.80 million were reserved for the Elementary and Secondary Department.

According to budget copy, in addition to the previous one in the current 374 new posts of DEOs (male and female), Internal Audit Cell in E&SE and creation of additional posts of IT teachers in regional institutes will be created. Besides the above, grant in aid was also released for autonomous and semi autonomous institutes during the current fiscal year. Rs3.000 million for Sangota Public School Swat, Rs114.000 million for Cadet College Kohat, Rs30.37 for Cadent College Swat, Rs59.650 million for Faz-e-Haq College Mardan, Rs5 million for Bacha Khan Model School Jandool Dir, Rs7.677 for Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College, Rs1million each for Centennial Model School Batkhela and Sabawoon School Rangmala, Malakand and Rs150 million for purchase of land for BISE D I Khan.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government according budget document reserved a total Budget Estimates of the Higher Education for the financial year 2013-14 were Rs5,444.445 million in revised estimates with a deficit of 53.830 million, against the previous  Rs5390.615 million for the next financial year 2013-14, therefore the Budget is estimated to be Rs6055.093 million. It was stated as Rs542.412 million for salaries and Rs630.965 million for non-salaries purposes.

“On the basis of 4-tier formula, many posts of college teaching cadre were upgraded. The ratio of this 4-tier formula was also enhanced from 1:15:34:50 to 50:20:37:38, as an incentive to invigorate the teachers to ensure quality education . As a result of this development a total of 3147 posts of lecturers have been upgraded to BPS-18, BPS-19 and BPS-20  w.e.f 01-07-2012 as per details government colleges (male) 170 and female 84 to BPS20, 681 male and 334 female female from to BPS-19 and 1259 male and 1037 female to BPS 18, across the province,” it added.

It said the government was committed to establish 100 new government primary schools on need basis, 50 primary schools would be up-graded to middle, 50 middle schools would be upgraded to high, 25 high schools would be up-graded to higher secondary level in deficient union councils. Besides, it said 50 science labs would be established in high and higher secondary, 500 additional classrooms would be constructed government schools and 500 early childhood education rooms would be constructed in existing primary schools. “And 500 primary schools will be provided with basic facilities, faculty will be engaged for BS-4 year degree programme, Furniture and lab gears will be purchased for government colleges, construction of libraries and a programme on performance incentives for teachers will be initiated as well,” it added.

It said the government showed its firm commitment to support and provide a strong financial back to the semi-government/autonomous educational institutions, grant in aid amounting to Rs1025.000 million had been released time to time during the financial year 2012-13. “These institutes and grants received at their end are given as Rs19 million to GIK Topi Swabi, Rs300 million for Edward College Peshawar, Rs426 for Abdul Wali Khan University Swabi Campus, Rs10 million for University of Peshawar and Establishment of Department of Peace and Conflict Status at University of Peshawar with an estimated cost of Rs120 million,” it added.