Lahore- punjab Government will provide Rs 239 billion to Local Governments under Provincial Finance Commission Award 2006 during the fiscal year 2013-14, showing 13.3 per cent increase as compared to 2012-13.

District Governments will get major chunk of allocation for Local Governments from the Provincial Consolidated Fund followed by Tehsil Municipal Administrations, Union Administrations and Cantonment Boards. District Governments will get Rs 214.8 billion in financial year 2013-14 as against Rs 186.78 in 2012-13, showing 15 per cent increase in allocation.

TMAs, Union Administrations and Cantonment Boards, however, will get the same amount provided during the outgoing financial year. TMAs will get Rs 17 billion, Union Administrations Rs 6 billion and Cantonment Boards Rs 1.2 billion.  As Provincial Finance Commission has not been reconstituted after expiry of PFC term onJune 30, 2009, existing allocations have been made on interim basis under the provisions of Section 120(F)(S) of punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001.