The city and suburban areas on Monday received torrential rain followed by severe windstorm and hailstorm. The rain continued for more than two hours and made the weather pleasant but caused multiple problems for the citizens particularly to those who are living in low-lying areas mainly due to malfunctioning of drains and choking of sewerage system in the city. The rainwater accumulated in and around the general bus stand, causing much problems for the commuters particularly the women and children.
Local citizens have protested against the apathetic and in different attitude of the TMA authorities for not de-silting of open drains and ensuring proper functioning of sewerage system. They demanded that before the monsoon seasons the TMA authorities should take proper and prompt action to de-silt the open drains and proper functioning of sewerage system and to drain out rain accumulated water from the low-lying localities around the city.
preparedness for flood: The District Administration has prepared a comprehensive flood relief plan to meet any eventuality during the likely flood in River Chennab and Sem Nullahs, District Flood Relief Officer Safeena Siddique said here.
She expressed her satisfaction over the mock relief exercise held here near Lower Chenab Canal (Head Sagar) which was participated in by the employees of the Health, Agriculture, Livestock, Civil Defence, Rescue 1122 and other departments concerned. She said that responsibility of all departments had been fixed in the CFR Plan to meet any eventuality.
The Rescue 1122 squad conducted exercise to evacuate the marooned people from the canal. She expressed her pleasure to see the successful exercise.
Meanwhile, she stressed the need for making permanent measures by the irrigation department to save the village Burj Bhian near river Chenab from erosion. Last year, 17 families of the village were badly effected due to erosion and their hutments were damaged and each effected family was provided Rs30,000 by the provincial government.