Analysing the newly-emerging trends in Pakistani politics, it will not be wrong to forecast that the overwhelming success of other parties in Elections 2013 is going to mark an end to the position that PPP enjoyed since it was established by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (ZAB). Facing all sorts of troubles during the PPP-led coalition’s five-year rule, the people have voted to the slogan of a ‘new Pakistan’ originally raised by Imran Khan’s PTI, but also endorsed by other political parties. The revolutionary trend displayed by the voters has affected PPP to such an extent that now its victory remains restricted only to its home province of Sindh. This was only possible because Sindhis are sentimentally attached to the Bhutto clan, despite the fact that PPP even at the end of its tenure did nothing for the resettlement of those who were displaced during the last floods. The manner in which the Zardari government ruled Pakistan displayed the fact that it had neither love for the country nor its people, nor any desire for its development. The reality that there is no money left in the national exchanger, which the new government could utilise to at least solve the existing problems, indicates that the previous leadership’s sole objective was loot and plunder of the country’s assets. Keeping this in view, it will not be wrong to say that the party’s downfall is certainly of its own making. It started on the day when the Benazir Bhutto was assassinated the reins of the party were handed over to a person who never deserved the position. Famous for his title of ‘Mr. 10 percent,’ it was well known that he could sacrifice anything for money. He infused such a magic in the party members which rendered them deaf, dumb and blind. Going back to the days of Bhutto one recollects that whenever someone joined the PPP he emphasized, “Do you know what politics is? – it is power, power, and power”, thereby setting a tradition of ‘lust for power’. Stalwarts like Aitzaz Ahsan, Yousuf Raza Gilani and some others, whose hearts and souls are still controlled by ZAB, have for the time being distanced themselves from the party by resigning. Surprisingly the party workers showed no enthusiasm or fighting spirit during the elections. Even its coalition partners in the government abandoned the party. MQM were never a sincere partner, blackmailing them every now and then. Shattered by the defeat the party has lost its unity as well as power with no hope of an early revival. The party is not left with leaders capable enough or possessing a magic to muster massive public support to put it back on top. Having suffered famine, starvation, insecurity, injustice, vandalism, crime, blackout and all sorts of evils and miseries at the hands of Zardari and his cronies, the people having lost faith in him and will never vote for his return to power. Though the vastly projected tsunami has failed to strike Pakistan with full blast it has certainly introduced a revolutionary trend of creating a ‘New Pakistan’ among the people. The country is now going to be ruled by Sharif’s PML-N with Khan’s PTI and other allies in the opposition. It is perhaps an ideal combination to govern Pakistan with utmost efficiency enjoying full support of the people. The leaders have to work with complete honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, efficiency and dedication to fulfil the peoples’ demand of a ‘new Pakistan’. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, June10.