Two British designers have unveiled a flying bicycle that requires no licence to fly and is capable of altitudes of up to 4,000ft.
Yannick Read and John Foden claim their XploreAir X1 is the world’s first flying bike and that it could revolutionise the way we travel for work, leisure and adventure.
It takes off from any open space and once airborne it flies at 25mph for up to three hours at a time, powered by a biofuel 249cc motor and parachute.
The design boasts a folding bicycle that tows a lightweight trailer carrying a powerful fan.
The entire assembly is light enough to be carried into a house or office and small enough to be taken on the tube or stored in the hallway of a flat.
“Unlike a helicopter, you don’t need a large hangar and bank balance to own a flying bicycle - you can store it in your apartment and it costs less than a car,” said Mr Read.
Mr Foden added: “The Wright brothers were former bicycle mechanics so there’s a real connection between cycling and the birth of powered flight that’s recaptured in the spirit of the XploreAir X1 flying bike.”
They have even included a built-in tent allowing for longer journeys and making camping while flying possible, or flamping as it has been dubbed.
Following a series of successful test flights to establish the safety and reliability of the design, the XploreAir X1 has been placed on crowd-funding website Kickstarter.
If it draws enough support from the public, it will go into full production and later go on sale for less than £15,000.