The sycophantic nature of our political process means that the parties lament the loudest in assembly, not when the average man is pained, but to further their own political careers by pledging public oath to their party leaders. The fact remains that public monuments or programmes named after political leaders cause some tension, due to the fact that one man’s hero, is another’s political opponent. Added to this, the fact that our political families are dynastic, and naming a monument or programme after one, means that all following ones will also clamour for the same favour. One is reminded of the Roman Emperor Tiberius’ refusal to have a month named after him, after the preceding Caesars, Julius and Augustus, had: “What if there are 13 Caesars?” Our public servants must learn to honour more than just themselves, or those who have preceded them. Our heroes should be found in every sphere, sports, literature, culture and music. We are a multi-faceted country, a people of many talents and exceptional fortitude. While our political leaders are also unique, and many, especially the Bhutto family, have laid down sacrifice after sacrifice, the way to honour their sacrifice is not to name every new road, airport or monument after them. While the PPP has been lamenting loudly over the BISP being renamed NISP, this will once and for all cement the importance of a programme begun in their government, and will remove any unfair advantage to a party because it has one emblem of a political party associated with it, and not any other. Hopefully, Pakistan will be host to many new road, and many new projects and monuments. These will be lasting proof of a gradually building trust between the public and their democratically elected representatives. These works are funded by public money, not by the magnanimity of a particular party, and as such, it may be best that they are not associated with political personages. We must also learn to appreciate exceptional achievements in fields other than politics, to further encourage people in these fields to achieve new heights.