Lahore- In a situation when Balochistan is the target of LEJ and BLA terrorists and the people are in a sate of shock due to the scale of devastation, it is downright pinching to see that other than a statement, the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, did not come on TV and face the nation. This cloak of modesty, might well be interpreted as cowardice, or worse, fecklessness.

People expect an elected prime minister to wake up to the challenge and lead from the front in a situation where the country finds itself in the crosshairs of terrorists.

While the Quaid-i-Azam’s residency in Ziarat was left in ruins, over a dozen girl students lost their lives as result of an LeJ suicide attack on a women's university bus. During another attack by LeJ at the same time a DCO and four nurses were martyred insideBolanMedicalCollege. 

The extent of damage was so great that it left the law enforcement agencies and all those watching the devastation across the country, gasping for breath.

Although the Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali and Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Maalik were seen taking measures on his instructions, that included ramping up security, the man with the heavy mandate to his name, was conspicuous by absence.

Against this bleak background, the need for the prime minister to step forward and take the bull of militancy by the horns was being direly felt. But this has not materialised.

 The prime minister is seemingly keeping an eerie silence since the blasts occurred.

His last official engagement was a meeting with the chiefs of the armed and air forces on Friday last, during which he assured them that the government would fulfil all the defence related needs.

Though a meeting on law and order has been called tomorrow to consider how to rein in the miscreants, the prime minister has yet to be seen by his electorate since before the attacks occurred.

Reportedly, for most part of the last three days, the prime minister remained at his Raiwind Estate. This supine display of statesmanship on the part of the prime minister is being seen as a highly objectionable lapse.