Sangla Hill- Two girls were separately gang raped by 8 men for 5 days.
According to sources, in Chak 111 Charwand village of Sangla Hill accused Nadeem, Hashim and Yassean kidnapped a girl from her house at night on gun point and brought her to the Dera of Hashim Wahla and gang raped her.
In the morning the accused gave her food and locked her up in a room. They continued to rape her for five days, later they tried to sell her but she succeeded in escaping in naked condition and reached Sanglla Hill Police Station.
The second incident took place in Mohallah Islampura, immoral youngster Waqas Butt forcibly brought a working poor girl to his house. He tied her up with the cot and raped her. After this he took naked pictures of her, on mobile phone. After the hue and cry of girl resident of the area recovered the girl while the accused fled from the site. Police has registered a case against Waqas Butt.