BEIJING:  China on Tuesday hailed Pakistan’s contribution to the international anti-terrorism campaign after it launched an anti-Taliban military offensive that has killed 177 terrorists.
Speaking at a daily Press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying pledged China’s continuing support for Pakistan’s efforts in safeguarding national security and promised to enhance bilateral cooperation in anti-terrorism.
The terrorists killed in the Pakistani campaign , which began on Sunday, include several members of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM).
Pakistan is a victim of international terrorist activities and has made great sacrifice for and contribution to the global anti-terrorism fight, according to Hua.
“As an all-weather strategic partner and good neighbour of Pakistan , China has supported and will support as always Pakistan’s anti-terrorism strategy based on its national situation,” she said.–Online
Stressing that the ETIM is a terrorist group listed by the United Nations Security Council and an international threat, Hua said the fight against it constitutes a major part of the international anti-terrorism campaign .
China is ready to continue cooperating with Pakistan so as to make contributions to the security and stability of both countries and the region, the spokeswoman added.