KARACHI- Pakistani fashion designer Deepak Perwani has been nominated for first round of the Bulgarian Fashion Awards for the year 2014.
"It is a matter of prestige for us. If we win this, it will be our third international award," Perwani told a private TV channel. There are total nine continental locations for the Bulgarian Fashion awards nominations. Top ten designers are selected from each continental location. Perwani has been shortlisted among the top 10 fashion designers from the Middle Eastern region, as the category from Asia was already filled up. According to the rules of the awards , Deepak has been nominated for the first of the three rounds of the awards .

All nominations can be voted until June 22, 2014 via the ‘like’ button on the link provided. The final results of first rounds will be realized according to the total number of votes the nominees receive and their bonus points. For second round, the top three nominations from each category will be judged for creativity, uniqueness and perspectives for development. For the final round, total public voting and assessments by academy awards will be combined to determine the final winner of the Bulgarian Fashion awards . The winner will be awarded 25,000 Euros.
Perwani , a prominent fashion designer from Pakistan has already won Lux and Indus Style awards and features in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Kurta ever made.